Why can’t I access Rofflenet?

Rofflenet is an invite only forum, so if you have not yet received an invite email you will not be able to access the Rofflenet forums.

Invite emails are sent out in waves, instead of at the point of purchase of a Virtual Race entry. If you have signed up for a Virtual Race but not yet received a Rofflenet invite, this will almost certainly be because we have yet to send out the next wave of invites.

If it has been more than 1 month since you purchased your Virtual Race entry and you still have not been invited to Rofflenet, then contact us at

Please note: Rofflenet is only available to people who have purchased/been entered into any of the Zombies, Run! Virtual Races. If you have not entered any Zombies, Run! Virtual Races by either purchasing an entry, or being gifted an entry, you will not have access to Rofflenet.

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