How do gift codes work?

If you purchase a gift entry, or a combo pack, then you will receive a gift code in your purchase confirmation email. You can then give this gift code to anyone you like.

Your giftee (the person receiving the gift code) will then need to enter the gift code into the Gift Code box visible on the Races page of ZombieLink for anyone who is not already entered into the current Virtual Race.

Giftees do not need to be existing ZombieLink, or even Zombies, Run!, users. If your giftee does not have a ZombieLink account they should sign up for one, and they can then enter their gift code.

If the gift code is successfully redeemed, the gift code entry box will disappear but nothing else will change. Giftees can check to verify they are entered by navigating to the Account section of ZombieLink and scrolling to the Virtual Race section at the bottom of the page.

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