I can’t see the race in my app, why?

Because we open sign ups well in advance of each race there will not be any additional content to see in the app while sign ups are still open.

You will start receiving email updates from us in the run up to the race, some of which may notify you that training missions are available. At that point you should then be able to see new content within the app.

To see Virtual Race missions will need to navigate to the Missions list. A new Virtual Races option will be visible, and the missions from any Virtual Races you have entered since 2015 will be visible there.

If sign ups are closed and you cannot see any Virtual Race missions in the Virtual Races section please check the following:

  • We have begun releasing missions for the current Virtual Race
  • You are running the most recent version of the app
  • You have an internet connection* 
  • If you purchased the race: you are logged into the ZombieLink account you used to purchase the race
  • If you have a gift entry: you are logged into the ZombieLink account you used to redeem your gift code

* This enables the app to download the latest content file and show the Virtual Race section. A constant internet connection is not required to play Virtual Race missions, once the content has been downloaded.

If you meet the above criteria but cannot see the Virtual Race missions please log out of ZombieLink, completely close down Zombies, Run!, then re-open it and log back into ZombieLink, as this will help in most cases.

In the event all of the above does not help then please contact, stating that you have tried the above steps, and include your ZombieLink username in the message, as this will speed up the resolution of any problems.

If you cannot see the Virtual Race on ZombieLink then please check this FAQ article: I Can’t See The Upcoming Race On The ZombieLink Races Page!

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