The Walk crashes when trying to play Episode 30 [Android only]

There is a specific problem with Episode 30 in the latest version of The Walk which will cause the app to crash when you try to view the map for this Episode. This will require an update to fix, but we have been able to find a workaround for the issue which will allow you to continue progressing through the story.

In order to work around this issue you will need to tap on the 'Play' button, and then immediately tap on the 'Start' button. You must do this as fast as possible so that the app registers you've started the episode before it crashes. The app will still crash regardless of whether you're successful or not, but if you have been successful when you re-open the app you should see that Episode 30 is active and you are being tracked (the red 'Abort' text will appear underneath the 'Continue' text).

After doing this you must not tap on the 'Continue' button to try to open the map. If you attempt to load the map for Episode 30 at any point the app will crash. So long as you don't try to open the map for this episode the app will still track your progress in the background, and you can check how far you have left to go via the notification. Episode 30 takes 81 minutes to complete, and once you have walked for that length of time the next episode will unlock and you can progress with the story. If you cannot immediately progress then you may need to close and re-open the app before Episode 31 is available.

If you continue to have problems progressing after trying the steps above then please contact support at

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