How do Training Plans work?

Training Plans are intended to act as a guide to help structure your workouts. With this feature you can continue progressing with the story, but also ‘attach’ any completed missions to be included in the Training Plan. There are no new missions included as part of Training Plans.

Please Note: Training Plans do not change regular ‘free-form’ Story Missions into interval training runs, nor are there additional in-universe audio prompts giving instructions about changing speed, zombie chases, or different exercises to do.

Training Plans will always display the current date as the start date for the plan until you enrol. If you want to start on a later date than is shown you’ll need to enrol on that date. Training Plans can also be started ‘in the past’, but you will need to manually change the date on your phone to do this, then change it back once you have enrolled.

Once you enrol in a Training Plan, you’ll be given a weekly schedule of runs. After completing a qualifying run (by meeting its date, time or distance requirement), you can tap a switch which marks it as complete in your Training Plan schedule.

Currently runs must be completed on the date specified in the Training Plan, or they will not qualify and cannot be attached. We are looking into making the dates more flexible in a future update.

Because Training Plans are a very new feature we welcome feedback about changes and improvements we can make. If you have used this feature and there is something you feel doesn’t work, or something we could add or change to improve usability then please contact us at

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