Why has the order of some missions changed?

With the release of the new improved Zombies, Run! and Season 4 content we also made some tweaks to the mission order in both Season 1 and Season 2.

We did this to give new players the best introduction to Abel Township possible. The changes actually partly restore the order in which some of the missions were originally written as well, which we feel is helpful for continuity.

Below is a diagram of the changes made:

You can also check out the blog post we made about this, which has some additional details, and a link to download a bigger version of the image above: Back to the Future: Season 1

With the Season 2 missions, we have separated the side missions from main story missions, and also 'promoted' some side missions to main story missions.

The Season 2 side missions were originally written to (mostly) take place outside of normal story continuity. The reason we decided to separate them from the normal sequence in version 4 of the app is because they often messed with the overall tone of the story arc, and would result in weird things like Runner 5 going on a fun jaunt in the midst of some deadly-serious multi-mission adventure! We hope this makes Season 2 a bit more coherent and enjoyable.

For more information on mission order please check our our other FAQ page on this here: What order should I play missions in?

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