How do I move Zombies, Run! to an SD Card? (Android)

It is now possible to move data from Zombies, Run! (version 4.1.2 and above) to an SD card. To do this you’ll need to go to the Play Store App, and open up ‘My Apps’. Once there you can find Zombies, Run! either under the ‘Downloaded’ or ‘All’ tab. Tap on Zombies, Run! in one of these lists, and you'll see an option to 'Move to SD card'; tap on this. The button will first show 'Moving', then when the action is complete it will switch to 'Move to phone'. You'll now find the app listed under the 'On SD Card' tab.

Unfortunately one of the files that’s included when you first download Zombies, Run! cannot be moved and must always be installed to your phone’s internal memory. Because of this it’s normal to see some Zombies, Run! files still on your phone’s internal memory.

Moving the app to SD will however mean that any missions you download after doing this will be automatically downloaded to your phone’s SD card, and not internal memory.

Please note: You must have a physical SD card in order for this process to work. If you’re not sure whether your phone has a physical SD card you can check for an SD card slot while the device is powered down. Phones which have SD card slots may not come with an SD card installed when you buy the handset, and you may need to purchase an SD card separately to use with the phone.

Some phones, especially newer models, do not have SD card slots, but may call part of the hard drive ‘SDcard’. In this case you will not be able to move Zombies, Run! to SD because your phone does not have a physical SD card.


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