Why can’t I find Zombies, Run! 3 in the Play Store? (Android)

If you attempt to access the store page for Zombies, Run! 3 either through the Play Store app or a web browser this will be blank because we have unpublished this version of the app. This ensures that Zombies, Run! 3 is only available for existing users who purchased it before 14th May 2015, and prevents accidental purchase of Season Passes.

The only way to view or download the Zombies, Run! 3 app now is through your Play Store purchase history. To do this you’ll need to open up the Play Store, then open the sidebar menu by tapping on the ‘Hamburger’ icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen. You’ll then see a list of options relating to your account. Tap on ‘My Apps’ and then navigate to ‘All Apps’. Scroll down this list until you find Zombies, Run! 3 and you’ll be able to re-download and install the older version of the app from there. You will not be charged again if you do this.

Please Note: We are no-longer updating or offering support for Zombies, Run! 3. It's also not possible to 'downgrade' from the new version of the app, and continue to get new content in Zombies, Run! 3.

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