How do I link to Facebook and Twitter?

First, you'll need to have created a ZombieLink account on our 'Classic' ZombieLink site.

Please Note: Because we will be moving everything over to the new ZombieLink website in future, any problems you encounter connecting to these services will only be resolved once 5k Training data has been migrated to the new service.

To connect to social networks through ZombieLink, hover over your username to reveal a drop-down menu and click on 'Settings'. You'll then need to navigate to 'Other Services' in the side-bar menu. Here you'll see options to connect to both Facebook and Twitter. 

If you’re having problems you can try disabling and then re-enabling the link between Facebook and/or Twitter. Below are some site specific steps to follow which may also help if you’re having trouble with the link between the two services:


Unfortunately Facebook have changed the way external apps and services connect to their service so it's no-longer possible to connect to a Facebook account if you're using the 5k Training app. If you've previously connected to Facebook then we cannot make any guarantees this will still work.


Click on the 'Settings' cog on the top right of your page, and head to Settings. On the left of this page, click on 'Apps', and check that Zombies, Run! is in the list of apps that can access your Twitter account.

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