How do I post to RunKeeper with the 5k Training app?

Please Note: This page only refers to using RunKeeper with the 5k Training app. If you are using the main Zombies, Run! app then please go to this FAQ page instead: How Do I Connect to RunKeeper?

Unfortunately, if you are using the 5k Training app then it's no longer possible to connect to RunKeeper on the Classic ZombieLink website. 

If you have already connected your Classic ZombieLink account to RunKeeper however, then you'll need to log into your ZombieLink account and navigate to the Settings page (from the drop-down menu underneath your username in the top-right corner), then click on 'Sharing to other networks'. From here, you should be able to see your RunKeeper connection status and your run logs will be automatically posted. You can also export all previous runs by clicking 'Post All Runs to RunKeeper'.

If you only want to send individual run files to RunKeeper, or if you are a new user and cannot connect, you can visit Settings > Run Logs and export .GPX files individually. These can then be manually uploaded to RunKeeper.

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