I'm a Legacy User - How do I upgrade Zombies, Run! without losing my access to missions?

If you bought Zombies, Run! before 14th May 2015, then congratulations, you are a Legacy User! Legacy Users receive unlimited access to all Season 1-3 content in our new app, and can purchase a subscription at a reduced price.

Please Note: This article only refers to transferring Legacy status and app purchases. If you are having problems transferring ZombieLink progress please contact us at


Our new app, “Zombies, Run! (Free)” checks for Legacy status by looking for “Zombies, Run! 3” on your phone.

To re-install Zombies, Run! 3 you'll need to do this through your Play Store purchase history. Open up the Play Store app, then tap on the menu  icon (it looks like three stacked lines) in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Then select 'My Apps' and choose 'All'. Scroll down to find Zombies, Run! 3 and tap to re-install.

The new Zombies, Run! app should now recognise your status as a legacy user. If not, you may need to close and re-open it, and then tap 'Restore Legacy' on the 'Memberships' page of the new app.

If you have any trouble with this then please contact us at


Simply ensure you are running the most recent version of “Zombies, Run!” from the App Store. If the app does not recognise your status as a Legacy user then go to the 'Memberships' page and tap 'Restore Purchases'.

Failing that, ensure that you’re signed into the same iTunes Store account that you originally bought “Zombies, Run!” with, as having multiple iTunes Store accounts will cause problems.

If you have trouble with this then please contact us at

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