Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of game is Step Buy Step?

Step Buy Step is a pedometer adventure that makes walking more fun. The more you walk, the more Stepps you earn. The more Stepps you earn, the more animal companions you can buy to join you on your journey. Each animal companion you have will multiply the number of Stepps you earn, making it possible to walk a thousand Stepps per step - and gather millions of Stepps in a day!

What are the System Requirements for Step Buy Step?

Step Buy Step requires iOS 7 or above. We don’t have any current plans to back-port the app to earlier versions of iOS.

Will there be an Android version?

We’re not currently planning to release Step Buy Step on Android, however if this changes we’ll make an announcement on our blog.

Do I need GPS to play Step Buy Step?

No. The app will still work if you do not have a GPS connection because we use your phone’s motion sensors to track your movement.

 Do I need a WiFi/Data connection to play Step Buy Step?

Step Buy Step does not require an internet connection. We use your phone’s motion sensors to track your movement. This means that using Step Buy Step will not increase your data usage.

Why aren’t my steps being tracked properly?

If you have an iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, we will use the built-in M7 or M8 co-processor to track your steps. This requires practically no battery power. On these phones, you will see a pop-up asking for access to motion activity the first time you start up the app.

Step Buy Step will still function in exactly the same way on older phones such as the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. The app will use your phone’s accelerometer to measure your movement, together with wifi and cell towers to track location. We also use GPS on occasion for tracking your walking routes. This may slightly reduce your phone’s battery life.

If you are noticing that your app routinely fails to track large portions of your walks, or does not track at all, then please get in touch with us at and include the following details:

  • The device you are using the app on
  • The operating system version you are running the app on
  • A full description of the problem you are experiencing, including the steps which caused the problem to occur and any screenshots which might help to illustrate the issue

Do animal companions cost real money?

No. You can only buy companions with Stepps, and you can only earn Stepps by walking. There are no in-app purchases to increase your number of Stepps or to buy animals.

How do I share to Facebook or Twitter?

As you progress through the adventure you’ll see a sharing button on the main screen, and also on the news screen. These will allow you to share your progress to Facebook, Twitter, and any other compatible apps.

From the main screen you can choose to share a postcard, which will take a picture of your in-game location and the animal companions you’ve collected so far.

The first time you attempt to share to Facebook or Twitter you’ll see a message about allowing access, and you’ll only be able to share to these networks if you agree to allow access. If you want to allow access later you’ll need to go to Facebook or Twitter in your phone’s settings menu and allow access to Step Buy Step there.

Can I connect Step Buy Step to RunKeeper, Fitbit, Nike+?

We don’t currently have any plans to integrate with other fitness apps, but if this changes in the future we’ll announce this on our blog.

Can I play music during my workout?

Step Buy Step doesn’t have an integrated music function, but you should be able to play music at the same time without encountering any problems.

What about Windows Phone and Blackberry?

Sorry, but it’s currently not financially or technically viable for us to release Step Buy Step for these platforms. If this changes in the future then we’ll announce this on our blog

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