How can I make my Accelerometer data more accurate?

If you don’t have a GPS signal (e.g. you have an iPod Touch) or you’re on a treadmill, Zombies, Run! can still track your steps and initiate Zombie Chases as normal by using your phone's accelerometer. While using Accelerometer tracking, however, the app cannot track your exact distance or pace, nor will it be able to show you a map of your run on ZombieLink.

To achieve more accurate Accelerometer data, we would suggest engaging in a number of brief tests in order to discover which settings offer the best results for you. For example:

  • Decide on a short distance over which you can test the app's variables, e.g. 100 paces
  • Set the Accelerometer tracking to 'Pocket'
  • Start a mission with the device in your pocket, and count 100 paces
  • Stop the mission after you have reached 100 paces
  • Check the accuracy of the app's data

Repeat this with your device kept on various locations around your body and with different settings, until you find a combination that accurately reflects your pace.

Please Note: These steps are for the Zombies, Run! 5k Training app only. If you are using the main Zombies, Run! app please go to the Zombies, Run! specific FAQ page for improving accelerometer/Step Counter tracking. 

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