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What kind of game is Dungeon Runner?

With Dungeon Runner we wanted to make endless runners live up to their name a little more. Dungeon Runner is a fitness app in the style of a side-scrolling action-adventure game. In order to make it through the various obstacles, you’ll need to perform the exercises you see on the screen. The app will track you with your device’s front facing camera, and when you’ve completed enough reps to overcome an obstacle, the hero will move on to the next challenge.

What are the System Requirements for Dungeon Runner?

Dungeon Runner requires iOS 8 or above. We don’t have any current plans to back-port the app to earlier versions of iOS.

Will there be an Android version?

We’re not currently planning to release Dungeon Runner on Android, however if this changes we’ll make an announcement on our blog.

Why aren’t my reps being tracked properly?

If your reps aren’t being tracked correctly then you may need to either change the position of your device, or step further back from it.

We recommend standing at least 1.5 to 2 metres (5 to 6 feet) away from your device, and ensuring that there is no movement behind you. Any movements other than yourself will also be detected by the camera and will cause problems with accurate tracking.

How do I share my workouts to Facebook or Twitter?

Once you’ve finished a level you’ll see a Share button - this will allow you to share your workout to Facebook, Twitter, and any other compatible apps.

How does the app count Calories? 

You can enter your weight in the app’s Settings menu - this will let us more accurately calculate the calories you’re burning during workouts.

Calorie calculation in Dungeon Runner is based on MET-hour equivalents (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) for exercises; and is related to the amount of time you spend on a specific activity. This way of calculating calorie burn assumes that you are putting out a reasonable amount of effort while exercising. Because of this you may find that the calorie count will be different if you compare this to other apps. We are always looking to improve calorie calculation though and it may change in future.

Can I connect Dungeon Runner to RunKeeper, Fitbit, Nike+?

We don’t currently have any plans to integrate with other fitness apps, but if this changes in the future we’ll announce this on our blog.

Can I play music during my workout?

Dungeon Runner has its own background music, so it’s not possible to play music at the same time. We don’t currently have any plans to add a feature which will allow you to mute the in-game music and play your own music.

How to turn on Airplay mirroring?

To use Airplay you’ll need to make sure you have Apple devices which support this feature. More general information about using Airplay please go to Apple’s support page here: Use Airplay to wirelessly stream content

To use Dungeon Runner with Airplay you’ll need to swipe up from bottom of the screen on your portable iOS device. Then just tap Airplay, select your screen, and turn on Mirroring to see the app on a big screen!

What about Windows Phone and Blackberry?

Sorry, but it’s currently not financially or technically viable for us to release Dungeon Runner for these platforms. If this changes in the future then we’ll announce this on our blog.


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