How does Interval Training Mode work?

Interval Training is now here on Android!

Before you subscribe you will be able to see three default Interval Training workouts which we created here in the office. Once you have a subscription you will gain the ability to edit existing workouts and create your own workouts.

Subscribing does not unlock additional Interval Training missions. It's normal to not see any more than the original three workouts after purchase.

Editing Existing Workouts:

To do this you'll need to switch to edit mode by tapping on the 'edit' button at the top of the screen. Once you've done this if you tap on an existing workout you will then be taken to a new screen which allows you to add and remove activities, change the length of time of the activities, or re-order them.

Creating New Workouts:

To create a new workout scroll down to the bottom of the page whilst in edit mode and tap on the 'Create a new workout' button. You can then add activities using the 'Add an activity' button. Once you've finished you can name your custom workout.

You can also delete any workouts you don't want to keep in the app by tapping on the red circular button to the left of each workout. You'll need to confirm you want to delete by then tapping on the large delete button which appears to the right of the workout.

When you're finished editing tap on the 'Done' button and your changes will be saved.

If you have any problems with Interval Training mode then please get in touch with customer support here

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