How do Airdrop Missions work?

In order to access Airdrop Missions you’ll need to make sure you're running the latest version of Zombies, Run! 

Airdrop takes place during the first half of Season 2, and the story will progress through one of six missions each time you play, so it won’t be marked as completed until you have heard all of the Airdrop mission stories.

In Airdrop mode, you select a nearby drop-point for a (fictional) supply package on a real world map, and run to pick it up! Because the mission is based on a real map of your location, Airdrop requires GPS tracking, so you will need a device which has a GPS chip installed. Unfortunately, this means Airdrop won’t work on iPod Touch.

Once you’ve got all your settings as you want them and have chosen a drop-point, you’re good to go! We have tried to make tracking as accurate as possible for Airdrop Missions, but because the app doesn’t know the exact route you’re going to take when you begin the mission, you may hear the drop-point audio a little bit before or after you arrive at the drop-point.

If you think you’re hearing the drop-point audio in completely the wrong place or at the wrong time then get in touch with us at

Please Note: Airdrop Mode is not available on iPod Touch because these devices do not have a GPS chip.


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