Does Zombies, Run! work with other fitness apps/hardware?

We get a lot of questions about whether or not we'll be integrating Zombies, Run! with various other fitness apps, services and hardware. Here's the situation:

  • RunKeeper: Zombies, Run! has integrated with RunKeeper in the past however some changes RunKeeper have made recently have caused this integration to break. We are currently working with RunKeeper to try to fix this.
  • Other fitness apps (Nike +, Fitbit, etc): You can use most other activity tracking apps like Nike+ at the same time as Zombies, Run! However, we don't currently offer syncing of data between them.
  • Hardware integration (Fuelband, Heart-rate monitors, Bluetooth headsets, external GPS trackers): Zombies, Run! can now be used with Apple Watch, but we aren't currently planning to integrate with any other external hardware.

As we do not officially support integration with any other fitness apps (other than RunKeeper) or hardware devices (other than Apple Watch), we cannot provide any support for these services, nor can we guarantee how well they will work together.

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