How do Zombie Chases work? I keep getting caught!

Getting caught by zombies will not cause you to 'fail' a mission and force you to restart. You can still keep running and complete the mission if you are caught. If you trigger a chase but don't feel able to/cannot speed up you do not have to.

Here's how chases work: 

  1. When a Zombie Chase is triggered, the app calculates your average pace over the previous 30 seconds
  2. By default you must increase your pace by 20% from this average*
  3. You must maintain that increased pace for 1 minute in order to escape the zombies.

*Pro-Members can alter the pace increase required to escape to anywhere between 10-30%

When you are caught by zombies you will hear the zombie noises get louder, an announcement that zombies have been 'distracted' and that you have lost a number of supplies. 

When you successfully escape zombies you will only hear audio that you have 'evaded' the zombies.


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