Music Problems? Check here first!

If you are using Zombies, Run! 5k Training then please check out our How do I play music? (5k) help page.

There are a few problems you can encounter with music playback which can all be resolved fairly easily. For example:

  • Story audio and notifications play but no music plays.
  • Music stutters, skips or stops unexpectedly.
  • Music is really loud/plays over the story audio/doesn't stop or decrease in volume during story audio.

If you're attempting to use the app's Built-in player then you will need to have a playlist selected within the app. If you start your playlist in a music app and then start a mission (or start a mission and then start a playlist) without enabling the External Playlist function, then you'll find you have lots of problems with the audio. This can even sometimes cause the app to crash, so you must ensure you are using either the app's Built-in player or the External Playlist function.

Although the External Player mode will allow you to play music from music streaming apps, if you lose internet connection while streaming this can cause audio playback to stop. There isn't any way for us to force your music streaming app to start playing music again, so if you find you regularly lose internet connection we'd recommend you make sure any playlists created in streaming apps can be played offline.

If your problem isn't addressed above then you might find the solution in another page in the music section.

If you've checked all the other pages and still can't find the problem you're experiencing then please get in touch with support at and we'll be happy to help!

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