Can I use Spotify, Pandora,, or other streaming music services with the app?

We're big fans of streaming music players like SpotifyPandora and Last FM here at Six to Start, and we understand that it would be great to be able to use them in conjunction with Zombies, Run! through our app's Built-in Player. We have contacted these companies directly, but we are unable to integrate them with Zombies, Run! for legal reasons, as their licensing and Terms of Service prohibit this.

What we can do however is allow Zombies, Run! control over audio playback on your phone, so you can use streaming apps externally to Zombies, Run! To do this you'll need to tap on the 'Music' button before starting a mission to select 'External Player' mode, then go to your chosen music app to start a playlist, before beginning your mission.

Note: We are aware that Spotify does have an API to allow third party developers to integrate their music into apps. However, this API specifically prohibits commercial apps like Zombies, Run!

Some music apps, like Pandora, are not available in the UK for legal reasons, meaning we are unable to test how well they work with Zombies, Run! Because of this we cannot guarantee that apps like these will work, even when using 'External Player' mode.

If you are using Zombies, Run! 5k Training then please check out our How do I play music? (5k) help page.

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