How to submit a bug report

OK, so you've followed our troubleshooting steps, searched the rest of the support forum, and you're still having problems with Zombies, Run! Never fear! Our customer support team is on hand to help you with your problem. All you need to do is email with your bug report, or click "Submit A Request" at the top of this page, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible to resolve your issue.

To help us solve your problem as quickly as possible, please follow these guidelines for submitting a solid bug report:

  1. Please be as clear as possible about the problem you're having. It will help us greatly if you can answer the following questions as specifically as possible:
    • What were you trying to do when you encountered the problem? Eg: "Trying to play mission 1."
    • What actions did you take? Eg: "Opened the app, selected the missions tab, selected mission 1, selected a playlist, pressed 'start mission'."
    • What happened when you did this? Eg: "The app crashed immediately and returned me to the phone's homescreen."
  2. Please include information on your device & operating system. Let us know the following:
    • What device are you playing Zombies, Run! on? Eg: "iPhone 5"
    • What operating system are you using? Eg: "iOS 7.1"
    • Which version of Zombies, Run! are you using? Eg: "Zombies, Run! 3.1"
  3. Please confirm that you have tried the steps listed in the Troubleshooting Article, and have checked the rest of the support forum for advice. If you have tried any other steps listed in our support forum, please let us know so that we don't ask you to do them again! 
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