License Verification/Check Error (Android)

If you're seeing the error message "Cannot contact licensing server" or "Unable to verify license" or "LVP-1", we believe that uninstalling and then reinstalling the app should rectify this problem for users who have purchased the app from the Google Play store.

Please note: if you uninstall the app all of the data within it will be permanently deleted unless it has been backed up to a ZombieLink account. We do not create a save file on your phone or sync to any could based services, so a ZombieLink account is the only way to ensure your progress is not lost.

You may also sometimes see an error box pop up when you first open the app titled 'Licensing Check'. This usually occurs because you don't have a network connection and Google can't verify your account. You should be able to resolve this by making sure you have a network connection and then tapping 'Try Again'.

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