What do the green and red arrows on my ZombieLink run logs mean?

Please Note: This article refers to 'Classic' ZombieLink. The information below only applies to users who created ZombieLink accounts before May 2015 or are using the 5k Training app.

The coloured arrows in the 'pace' column of your run table indicate which runs are above and below your average pace. Depending on the intensity of the colour, you can quickly see which of your runs feature your best and worst pace. A bright red arrow, for example, means this run is well below your average, while a light green arrow means it’s slightly above average.

You’ll also see these coloured arrows on your run section tabs on individual run log pages. These work in the same way, but instead of showing a number for your pace you’ll see a percentage increase or decrease from your pace in the previous section.

Calorie information also uses these coloured arrows for an at-a-glance view of your progress in burning calories during your runs, and again these work in the same way.

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