How do I connect to Runkeeper?

Please note: If you are using the 5k Training app you will need to visit the 5k Training specific article about RunKeeper here: How Do I Post To RunKeeper With The 5k Training App?

In order to connect and share your runs to RunKeeper you'll need to log into your ZombieLink account on the website here: ZombieLink and also be using the most up-to-date version of the app.

Once logged in click on your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Select 'Sharing' in the drop-down menu that appears and you'll be taken to the Sharing page.

Once here you'll see a card to connect to RunKeeper. Click on 'connect to RunKeeper' and you'll be directed to the RunKeeper website. If you're not currently logged into your RunKeeper account you'll need to log in and then allow Zombies, Run! posting access to your RunKeeper account. If you're already logged into your RunKeeper account however all you'll need to do is allow access, and you'll then be returned to the ZombieLink sharing page.

After your ZombieLink and RunKeeper accounts have been connected you can then choose whether you'd like run logs to be shared automatically or not.

Automatic Sharing, means that any run log will be shared to RunKeeper once it has been synchronised to your ZombieLink account. Run logs cannot be auto-shared to RunKeeper without first being synched to ZombieLink, or from within the app.


Manual Sharing, means you will need to choose which runs you want to share from your main profile page, after they have been synchronised to ZombieLink. To do this you'll need to click on the Sharing icon, and then click on the RunKeeper button which appears. You cannot manually share runs from the app.

If you want to disconnect your ZombieLink and RunKeeper accounts just click on the little 'X' in the corner of the RunKeeper card in Sharing, and you accounts will be disconnected.

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